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- – “Your Pathway to Wellness”

A website designed by Nurses who want to “EMPOWER” you with your Health & Wellness

Our #1 goal is to empower… Empowerment that allows you to make the most informed choice when it comes to your health & wellness. Can you imagine how it would feel when faced with making one of the most serious healthcare decisions of your life; to find out later, there were other options?

It happened to me before I was a RN & forever left me feeling victimized… We do not want that for anyone.


A website by Nurses to help you on your Pathway to Wellness

A website by Nurses to help you on your Pathway to Wellness

We do not provide you the answers, but we can hold your hand as you walk onto the “Path to Wellness”

On our website, you can find credible health & wellness information, that includes alternative holistic medicine along with modern medicine. Here are some of the ways our site can help you:

  • We can assist you in locating resources, programs or assistance in your geographic location
  • We offer free resources: E-books on a variety of health and wellness subjects, links & info
  • We can connect you to support groups for a variety of topics that want to help 
  • Teach you about support & resources while going through difficult times
  • Locate alternative holistic providers that meet our high standard of excellence
  • Post general health & wellness questions that are answered by Nurses for FREE
  • We provide information about difficult subjects not openly discussed but afflicting many
  • Free Resources: E-books, links & information
  • Connect to Health Professionals, their resources, support & other networking opportunities
  • How to understand your health insurance: Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans or uninsured. Including health plan enrollment, issues like denials or appeals
  • Products offered on our site have been individually evaluated as meeting our standards of excellent



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